“I commend MIIC for this extraordinary initiative, the first and only evaluation of this kind I have seen, and the degree of independence and rigour exhibited throughout the process”.
“The Minister of Investment and International Cooperation chaired the workshop (which emphasized) the Government’s … full ownership (in managing and sharing) the evaluation findings with a wider range of stakeholders”.
Dr. Joanna Pennarz, Lead Evaluation Officer of the Independent Office of Evaluation (IOE), at the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), sent a letter of appreciation to the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation (MIIC), praising its role and efforts in evaluating the IFAD projects and programs in Egypt during the past ten years. This was following the participation of Dr. Pennarz and a delegation from IFAD's headquarters in Rome in “Egypt Country Strategy and Programme Evaluation National Workshop”, which was organized by MIIC last November.
In her message, Dr. Pennarz stressed that the Egyptian government has set an example in asserting the national ownership of the development projects and programs financed by development partners. She added that MIIC independently evaluated the work of IFAD in Egypt and drew the principal results and lessons that would serve in formulating the new cooperation strategy with IFAD, based on the national development priorities.
Dr. Pennarz affirmed that the workshop was exemplary and that MIIC ensured the implementation of the global partnership principles, thus promoting transparency and accountability. She also urged MIIC’s Monitoring and Evaluation Department to present this model in the international evaluation conferences as evidence of Egypt's leadership in managing development assistance.
The workshop discussed the main lessons and recommendations retrieved from the evaluation reports of both the Monitoring and Evaluation Department at MIIC and the IOE; and highlighted the key issues for the future cooperation between the Government of Egypt and IFAD. This comes in line with renewing Egypt’s partnership with IFAD in the third Country Strategic Opportunity and Program (COSOP) in 2018.