Dr. Nasr: “We are keen on providing a business environment that guarantees the injection of new investments by the private sector in Egypt … “Uber” activities are broadened to include mass transportation nationwide”.

On 10 October 2017, the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation Dr. Sahar Nasr inaugurated the “Uber” Center for Distinguished Services in Cairo, the first center in the Middle East region, with investments worth USD 20 million. The inauguration was attended by the United States Embassy's Chargé d'Affaires, Mr. Thomas H. Goldberger, Uber’s Vice-Chairman and Regional General Manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa Mr. Pierre-Dimitri and General Manager of Uber in Egypt Mr. Abdellatif Waked as well as several MPs.  

The Minister toured and commended the new center which provides over 700 direct job opportunities to Egyptians, emphasizing her keenness on broadening Uber’s activities to include the mass transportation sector nationwide and on developing the company in the transportation field during the upcoming period. 
Dr. Nasr indicated that MIIC was keen on providing an adequate business climate and legislative reforms that guarantee the injection of new investments by the private sector and the provision of job opportunities to youth and better services to citizens. She noted that the preparation of a draft law regulating such online transportation services would provide Uber and similar companies with a friendly legislative framework.
Further, the Minister highlighted the significance that investments included technical training, while asserting that part of the economic cooperation between Egypt and the US was dedicated to the projects of youth. 
As for Uber, the company stated that the center was considered the first of its kind in the Middle East and Africa, in addition to being a key factor in promoting clients in the region and the main source for surveying their opinions and for assessing the quality of services. 
The company added that the center was considered the first of its kind in the Middle East and the third, following two similar investment projects, in Europe and that Uber, during the three previous years, already could enable thousands to increase their income and improve their standards of living, besides employing 30% of its total staff as specialists to start their work at the center. 
On his part, Mr. Dimitri emphasized his company’s commitment to Egypt through providing investments worth over USD 20 million during the 5 upcoming years so as to render Egypt a hub for clients in the MENA region. He pointed out that the Egyptian market was regarded as one of the fastest-growing markets where Uber works. 
“Supporting customers is our priority and we have confidence in choosing Cairo as a headquarter for our center, being the key to providing drivers and passengers with the best possible services,” he added.