Dr. Nasr: “The Fund is considered a humanitarian umbrella for vulnerable groups … ‘Tahya Misr’ cards to be issued for female breadwinners”.
Tahya Misr Fund’s Executive Committee held a meeting, in presence of the Minister of Investment and International Cooperation and Head of the Committee Dr. Sahar Nasr, Executive Director of the Fund Mr. Mohammed Ashmawy, Trustee of the Fund Maj. Gen. Mohammed Amin and Committee member Dr. Ali Gomaa.
The meeting discussed cooperation between Tahya Misr Fund and investors wishing to contribute to supporting the Fund, besides launching a promotion campaign that highlights the Fund’s activities with several banks and non-banking financial companies as well as commencing the implementation of an immediate plan to support Aswan governorate with EGP 320 million. This pursuant to the President’s directives to finalize all development projects at Nasr El Nouba and Karkar Valley before the end of June 2018.
Projects at Nasr El Nouba were decided to start with EGP 170 million, including housing, water and sanitation projects as well as the craftsmen city. The rest of the amount was agreed to be allocated for projects that affect citizens such as healthcare and development of hospitals.
The meeting discussed the Fund’s future plan during the upcoming period and the launching of several initiatives, besides exerting efforts in the Fund’s development fields. The implementation of the President’s ratification of allocating EGP 250 million for supporting women in collaboration with Nasser Social Bank (NSB) was also touched on.
The Fund’s Executive Committee approved the National Council for Women’s (NCW) support of issuing ID Cards for women in lagging regions in a number of governorates, which would contribute to granting them their social rights, insurance, pensions and supply. The committee also approved supporting youth projects in the New Valley governorate through the distribution of 5 ton and 1.5 ton- 20 pick-up vehicles for the transportation of frozen goods to the people of the governorate. This is in addition to signing a cooperation protocol with the Minister of Emigration Ambassador Nabila Makram to facilitate the acceptance of donations from Egyptian expatriates, besides handing over 37 houses reconstructed by the Arab Contractors at El-Esal, Shubra.
Tahya Misr cards would be issued for female breadwinners in coordination with NSB, mentioned the Minister, referring to the necessity of ensuring the delivery of Tahya Misr funds to those who deserve them.
In addition, the Minister emphasized the importance that Tahya Misr Fund would serve as a humanitarian umbrella for the most vulnerable groups, besides increasing its contribution to supporting several development project according to the President’s directives and conducting field visits to governorates so as to follow up on ongoing projects and learn about citizens’ needs. 
This is in addition to increasing the Fund’s financing of youth projects to contribute to providing them with job opportunities and giving priority to the most disadvantaged governorates such as Upper Egypt and Sinai.
On his part, Dr. Ali Gomaa called on supporting Tahya Misr Fund within the framework of social responsibility and support of the Egyptian economy, and since that concerted efforts and real cooperation among community members would contribute to developing the society in several fields.
As for Mr. Ashmawy, he mentioned that the Fund supported North Sinai governorate with approximately EGP 168 million, including EGP 97 million for engineering and infrastructure projects, EGP 16 million for developing Al-Arish Hospital, and EGP 5 million for the care of the resettled people, in addition to EGP 50 million for supporting the relief fund in the governorate according to the President’s directives.
He further stated that the family of Actor Ahmed Ramzy decided to make donations to Tahya Misr Fund by selling his personal gun in a public auction in a formal ceremony and allocating the proceeds in favor of the Fund.