11 June 2017

Global Leasing Company ​(GLC) was established in 2015 offering a full range of international-standard leasing products. The company succeeded in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the first year of establishment from SANAD fund, an affiliate of KFW Development Bank in Germany, who purchased 30% of the startup's shares. Today, the company employs about 40 employees, enjoys a revenue growth rate of 38%, has total investments of US$ 2.3 million by foreign shareholders and manages assets of almost EGP 1.4 billion. GLC investors benefited from a positive investment climate such as the flotation of the Egyptian Pound that rendered investing in Egypt affordable to a wide range of investors, in addition to the presence of highly skilled calibres of financial sector's financiers. One of the company's main social missions is to contribute to SME growth through expanding their small and medium product portfolio and moving away from financing large size corporations. Furthermore, it intends to expand its non-banking financial activities through factoring and real estate mortgage finance.

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