11 June 2017

is an American multinational conglomerate, which has been investing in Egypt for more than 40 years. The company works with the public and private sector in the power, oil & gas, healthcare, transportation and aviation industries to find innovative solutions using GE's advanced technologies to help solve some of the challenges in these sectors. In 2015, GE executed the Power Boost Program, which brought phase one of 2.6 GW of electricity online on the grid in a record time of six months. The company also executed on unique upgrades in the Banha, Nubaria and Kurimat power plants, which all resulted in additional output without the use of additional fuel. Today, GE has more than 140 GE turbines installed in Egypt, which helps to power more than 15 million homes nationwide. The company's employee base in Egypt has risen from 550 employees last year to more than 700, in addition to another 100 employees who serve as a hub to support GE's operations across the Middle East and Africa. GE is committed to investing in programs that empower youth, SMEs and start-ups in Egypt, giving them direct access to essential software and advanced manufacturing tools and skills. This is executed through several programs the company has invested in such as the Egypt Digital Innovation Challenge in partnership with the Ministry of Communications & IT and its sponsorship of the AUC Venture Lab, the first university-based incubator in Egypt. The company also launched a GE Volunteers Chapter in Egypt in 2011 that runs CSR activities focused on doing activities that help us improve educations standards and provide basic needs the less privileged. ​

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