Supporting the Development of Small and Emerging Enterprises Financed by USAID

22 March 2018
  • Funding: USD 140 million
  • Date of Signature: 26/9/1991
  • Expiry Date: 30/9/2013
  • Donor: USAID
  • The number of civil society associations implementing the program is 16 ones registered at the Ministry of Social Solidarity, which branches (182 branches) are present in 25 governorates. 
  • The project aims to encourage the private sector and support economic growth through capacity building for the development of micro and small enterprises, besides expanding the development of specialized financial services at national level.
  • Funds available to such associations are revolving funds to maintain sustainable lending after the expiry of agreements, thereby benefiting owners of small enterprise.  
  • The associations implementing the small enterprises lending program provided 4916236 million loans worth EGP 24.756 billion. Moreover, within the framework of Bashaer El-Kheir Program, the said associations provided 4122428 million loans worth EGP 11.712 billion until January 2018. 
  • Creating new job opportunities and contributing to improving standards of living and formalizing the informal sector, thereby increasing tax returns and national income.
  • Supporting micro, small and medium enterprises through implementing the small enterprises and Bashaer El-Kheir Programs.
  • The number of job opportunities available though the said agreements: more than 3 million opportunities.

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