Cooperation with Indonesia in the SMEs Field

16 January 2018

In line with her participation at the 41st Annual Meeting of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) held in the Indonesian capital "Jakarta" on 17-19 May 2016, and in her capacity as Egypt's Governor at the IDB, the Minister of International Cooperation Dr. Sahar Nasr conducted several field visits to SMEs centers, the most important of which was the SMEs Center in Indonesia, in presence of the Indonesian Minister of Finance, and Deputy-Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs as well as members of the Egyptian Embassy and the Commercial Representation Office. 

The Minister discussed the convention of the 6th session of the Egyptian- Indonesian Joint Committee next July in coordination with line ministries to benefit from the Indonesian experience in several fields, the most important of which are SMEs, innovation centers, industries, agriculture, environment, and investment.   

In line with the Asian Sector's keenness to activate cooperation areas with Indonesia, especially in the fields of SMEs and handicrafts, the third phase of the handicrafts training program is being implemented in collaboration with Jakarta Social Fund, following the successful implementation of two phases in collaboration with the Indonesian side. Moreover, an international cooperation training program is to be implemented next year to benefit from the Indonesian experience. 

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