The Grand Egyptian Museum

6 June 2018

Invitation for the Prequalification of Egyptian and International Companies for the Facilities Management and Operation of the Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum Authority (Ministry of Antiquities - Arab Republic of Egypt) hereby invites Egyptian and International companies/consortiums to participate in the prequalification stage for Facilities Management and Operation of the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) Complex ..... For more information Press here

Download the prequalification document here

The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) is one of the largest museums in the World reflecting Egypt's past from prehistory until the Greek and Roman Periods in Egypt. Designed to serve as a gateway through time connecting a 5,000-year-old civilization with modern times.

The GEM is built inside a unique site, overlooking the Giza Plateau to connect modern Cairo with great Pyramids of Giza. Visitors are privileged to see the significant museum collection through an impressive 28-meter high glass façade. GEM covers an area of approximately 500,000 m2 and includes one of the largest museums in the World displaying the heritage of a single civilization. The Museum will contain over 100,000 artifacts, covering an area of 92,000 m2.

The Grand Egyptian Museum a cultural hub that will include children’s museum as well as conservation, restoration, storage, research and museum education facilities. GEM is designed to be an entertaining, cultural and touristic destination, offering large areas available for investment, including a conference center, modern cinema theater, restaurants overlooking the Pyramids, food courts, cafeterias, retail and commercial areas, bookshops, traditional arts and crafts centers, a multifunctional building and gardens hosting year-round events and activities overlooking the Giza Plateau

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